Integral Ltd is certified in 1996 with activity developing Accounting software.

Our company developed

1.     Purpose to serve small production and commercial firms.
2.     Program modules
2. 1. Accounting
        Data from primary books are inputted.
        Operating records from a date to a date, ledgers, and sheets of the debit-side and the
        credit-side of key accounts, registers of sales and purchases, and references-declaration
        in virtue of the Value Added Tax Act are outputted as information.
        The module generates the files necessary for VAT delivering on magnetic media in the
        offices of the National Revenue Service. It was developed for servicing many firms.
        The program module was made in virtue of the Accounting Act and of the international
        accounting standards.
2. 2. Store
        Data about entering of materials and commodities in the stores are inputted.
        They are written-out by an average price.
        The warehouse availability is displayed in any moment.
2.3. Personnel
       All firm employees employment contracts and additional agreements attached to them
        are inputted. The module calculates wages and prints itemized pay statements. It
        generates the report for the National Revenue Agency on magnetic media.
3.     Platform Windows and Linux
4.     Program languages MySQL and PHP
5.     Working versions in Bulgarian and in English